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Acoustic Truss Rod Wrench

Acoustic Truss Rod Wrench


Truss rod wrench for Collings acoustic guitars. 5/32" hex w/ ball-end.  Made in USA.

IMPORTANT:  We strongly recommend having a qualified repair tech perform truss rod adjustments, as damage to your neck due to improper adjustment is NOT covered under warranty.

String height adjustments should be made at the saddle.  The truss rod is used for setting proper neck relief, not for adjusting string height.  If your action has changed unexpectedly, please be sure to check and monitor the relative humidity level where your instrument is stored.  Ideal relative humidity is 45-50% for our instruments.  If significantly "dry" or "wet", your guitar's top will move up and down causing your action to move with it.  The appropriate fix when this happens is to properly humidify the guitar.  Please contact us if you have any questions.