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Collings Traditional Case Disclaimer

Collings custom cases are lightweight and strong though certainly not intended to be “flight cases”.  Fortunately, they fit rather nicely into overhead storage bins on airplanes.  Like a fine instrument, they should last a lifetime with proper care.

Collings Guitars, Inc. (Collings) is not liable for damage to any instrument stored in a Collings case due to improper fit or any other reason.  The foam padding was specified to a certain thickness and firmness to fit the size and shape of Collings instruments.  It is unadvisable to force an instrument into one of these cases.  An overly tight fit could cause “imprinting” by the fabric or other damage to an instrument.  In addition, Collings is not liable for any damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper handling and storage, excessive heat, drops, falls, etc.

These cases fit our instruments and function beautifully with our nitrocellulose lacquer finishes.  We have tested for color “bleed” into the finish of our instruments and have had all positive results.